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(I thought I might say something, considering Spring Break is almost over)

So two Fridays ago I took the commuter rail to Boston to attend Anime Boston. The first night, I stayed at MIT (which has REALLY nice showers), and I didn’t sleep until 3 AM because I was helping a friend finish her cosplay.

The following Saturday, we got up fairly early and took the bus to the convention center. I derped up and got lost so many times. I also bought some things. Even though I would’ve wanted to be there with other people (I was separated with my friend for almost the whole day for some reason) and didn’t have my wig, it was a good experience.

That night, we had a hard time finding Boston University, almost getting to the T too late (it closes at 1 AM and we got there at 12:50) and generally being cold and confused. Without good communication, the BU friend thought we had died. Sleep was terrible (again, 3:30).

The next morning, we met some cool people and walked back to the convention center. Bought more things. Went to a funny voice actor interview panel. Caught up with Anime Club people and went to dinner (hot pot in Boston Chinatown!) with them. And then we went back to Providence and I passed out on the train. Also, I lost my only poster (nooooooooo DT TmT).

After a long hike back to the campus, I died.

And then I realized I could play Minish Cap. And now I’m actually screwed for this coming week. Dammit, Minish Cap!!! Y U SO FUN?!!

Time to be sad about drawing and spatial.

It’s certainly been a hell of a semester so far.

You know that feeling of being really tired all the time? You know the silly numbness that accompanies that feeling? That was my life for the past two weeks. 2 out of my 3 studio classes are very work-heavy, while the last one is just, you know, tedious. Not to mention I have an art history midterm exam coming up, as well as an anthropology essay due before that. I’m really glad Series 8 of Who hasn’t started yet…I’d be a very deprived (in many senses of the word) fan. I can’t WAIT for Spring Break.

Also, I’m going to forgive myself for not writing actual posts instead of sharing ALL THE GIFS.

Happy Pi(e) Day! (pfft)

Lonely, i am so lonely.


Ice King’s Castle For Sale

Natalie Grigson and the gang over at Movoto have assessed the value of Ice King’s castle (stolen princesses not included). You’ll never guess how much Simon’s domain is worth (hint: think $223/sqft).

"Turns out, real estate in the Ice Kingdom is pretty pricey.”

Woah what.

Tenth Doctor Catchphrases

(via doctorwho)

Premiered on ‘Diplo & Friends’ and released on 7” by No Recordings, “Cis.Cism” is the double-A side of Saol Álainn’s debut single.

Written by Isom Innis, produced by Don Loemax and Isom Innis. My TA has good taste in music. XD